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Painter Clouseau 06-13-2008 03:33 PM

Durable Paint for Utility Room to prevent chipping?
I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get the most durable finish for walls in utility room-type areas that will frequently be bumped/scraped by things like bikes, ladders, etc.

I recently painted my rear condo entrance area/foyer with Behr enamel primer and 2 coats Behr premium plus Satin Enamel latex. After about 2 months I began keeping my mountain bike in this area, and the handlebars easily chipped off parts of the paint that they were resting upon.

Should I consider repainting with additional coats to provide a thicker or more durable surface? Would 3-4 coats make a difference? Would a different type of paint or exterior paint hold up better?

The only other idea I had was to find some sort of plastic film that I could apply to the parts of the wall at risk.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

slickshift 06-13-2008 08:52 PM

If the paint is coming off, it's an adhesion issue, not a "needs more" issue
Adding more won't help
You want to scrape and sand the walls to remove any/all loosely adhering Behr

Spot prime the repair areas with a quality primer
(NOT Behr....Zinsser, Benjamin Moore, or Sherwin Williams, only)
Fill/smooth the repair areas with joint compound if needed
Sand smooth the repairs, wipe clean, and re-prime (the whole wall if appropriate)

Top coat with a quality paint from the above mentioned manufacturers
(again, no Behr)

Painter Clouseau 06-14-2008 08:44 PM

Thanks Slick!

I hadn't been thinking about "adhesiveness" as the critical property for the paint's durability. I suppose it isn't the strength of the latex layer itself, but whether the latex will stick to the underlying surface when it is subject to external forces that threaten to cause a tear/penetration of the latex. A paint with poor adhesion will suffer from more frequent and larger chipped areas.

I knew Behr was poor in regard to application and coverage, but this gives yet one more reason to invite Mr. Moore into my home next time!


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