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erica 05-21-2005 12:46 PM

does high quality bargain paint exist?
hello! i am getting ready to venture into my first interior painting project. i can't afford to spend too much on paint since i'm doing several rooms and i'm on a student budget. (the walls right now are pretty bad...i wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't absolutely necessary! :rolleyes: ) i've read all the warnings about cheap paint (horror stories about quick fading and paint that wipes off the wall everytime you clean, etc.). anyway, i was looking for a list of quality bargain paint and couldn't find one. does anyone have any suggestions? any favorite brands? i'll be grateful for whatever words of wisdom you can spare!

Humble Abode 05-30-2005 07:27 AM

If your on a budget you should try mautz or sherwinn williams interior latex satin. They have a few different grades ranging from $12-$20 per gallon. You can get a slight discount for buying it in five gallon pails. Your other option is to ask around, maybe someone you know has a home owners account at Benjamin Moore, mautz or sherwinn williams and would be willing to let you buy paint on it. For $12 a gallon you can get a pretty good quality interior off white, for more vibrant colors you are going to pay a little more.

I have bought paint without a account a few times and if you buy a lot you can usually convince the guys who work there to give you a slight discount, be nice to them they are usually pretty cool guys. That would never work at a big box store though, and buying paint for less than $12, for an interior white or off white, you are going to be sacrificing a lot of quality.

If you are thinking of using darker colors such as deep reds or greens I would definantly go with the premium grade and be sure to get them to tint the primer. If you go with the lowest/ cheapest grade you will spend more money because cheaper paint doesn't cover as well and you will have to go back to buy more for your third or fourth coat.

You can also save some money and time buy estimating how much paint you will need correctly. Measure the EXACT surface area of every wall to be painted then take those numbers to the paint store and they will give you the correct amount.

Hope that helps

ProWallGuy 05-30-2005 09:32 AM


does high quality bargain paint exist?
Generally speaking, no.

You can find good paint on sale sometimes, Ben Moore has specials like 'buy 4 get 1 free' etc.

If you are not too hung up on specific colors, you can get a great deal on the 'mis-tints'.

paintr56 06-08-2005 11:16 PM

Do you know any painters? ask them if they have any left over paint. I give away a lot of paint every year. If you don't know any ask your friends if they know any. Getting rid of paint is a problem and a lot of us are glad to see someone get some use out of it.

Jim Bunton

meiersenterprises 06-17-2005 01:23 PM

If you buy really cheap paint like America's Best, you end up puting on 3 or 4 coats just to cover the surface. It costs more in the longrun. Behr is a good quality for the money and you can usually cover in just one coat. It's about $19 / gallon...

Teetorbilt 06-19-2005 09:20 PM

You can find cheap quality paint right next to the cheap Rolls Royce's and Ferrari's. :D
As with most things, you generally get what you pay for.

pray1 06-22-2005 05:53 AM

Just wanted to expand a little on mis-tints if you didn't know almost all paint ,big box{home depot/lowes} even your local downtown hardware{any left ?} have a shelf or two of paint mixed wrong or mixed and not picked up . You might have too make a couple of trips over a period of time but you can usually pick up a premium gallon for around $5.00. Also keep in mind your finish,counter men will explain .

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