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MGB_ 01-07-2010 12:27 PM

do i need to prime cabinets that are already painted?
I just purchased a new home that has painted cabinets. The paint was done several years ago and has held up perfectly, but its not a good paint job, brush strokes and what not.

As of now my prep includes:

1.removing cabinets and cleaning
2.sanding cabinets smooth again with TSP
4.painitng two coats with light sanding between.

Do i need to prime before painting? I'm not sanding to bear wood, just to scuff the surface and level out brush strokes.

Also for paint choice; I plan on using either Cabinet Coat or Ace's knock off called 'Cabinet door & trime' that i've read good results about. If i do primer I will probably use C2 SAP (sandable acrylic primer) that I've also read good reviews of. Hopefully its not really necessary.

The color is white on white.

finishsander 01-07-2010 01:32 PM

It is not necessar to prime, it does give some assurance to the paint sticking better, however not really necessary if you clean thoroughly with soap and water, or use paint thinner and wipe down. just make sure all the grease is off, see what your local sherwing williams has for this as well. give light sand with fine grit sandpaper and then one coat of paint if same color.

chrisn 01-07-2010 05:23 PM

Do i need to prime before painting

If you want to do it right, absolutely:yes:. Follow your previous steps, throughly clean with clear water your tsp, let dry, prime with a QUALITY bonding primer, apply two (2) finish coats of a QUALITY 100% acrylic paint, done. This means a trip to a real paint store avoiding the big box places

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