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Andee77 09-07-2011 10:45 PM

Deck refinish project
I have only 2 weeks to finish 3 decks to refinish.
It is pretty bad condition. I am not good or new to this type of work. But I want to clean out old finish (we had solid deck stains) and put either transparent or semi-transparent stain.

I am sure, I can't expect beautiful brand new deck, but I think it will be definitely better than what we have.

I did start about a week ago without any understanding what is need it to scrap fast. Few days ago, I found otu Home Depot Bahr has stain & finish stripper. So, I used on the area to see how well this will stripe, but did not do anything. So, I have used thinner. Brushed on the surface and wait an hour or more and using scraper, I have lifting or scraping the stains. Thinner is better than Bahr product, but it is still taking time.

I do have some damage as I work on it and from bidden weather.

If we strip stain & finish, I will use corse sanding pad and sand the surface to even out some areas.

I know, I need to use brighter and cleaner before I use new stain.

Anyway, I need some expert advise to speed my work and improve the quality of work I am putting.

Also, I have bad case of nails coming up. Is there a way to take these nails out withou damaging the woods?

I will prepare coated screw to replace these nails.

burnt03 09-07-2011 11:55 PM

We had the same (solid stain on deck, replaced w/ semi transparent).

Found the quickest way to remove old stain was sanding it. Rented a drum sander and then used a palm sander to clean up and get between the boards.

Also found the 60gr sanding discs that you can attach to an angle grinder work EXTREMELY quickly, only problem is that you have to go back over it with a palm sander to even out the sanded surface.

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