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fredonian 08-16-2009 08:58 PM

Dark color & downlighting to reduce ugly ceiling in downtown loft bathroom?
Greetings, I've met a real challenge on how to best present a narrow bathroom with a high ceiling in my historic downtown loft apartment. After removing an awkwardly instialled drop ceiling, I was met with a few but not impossible to manage cosmetic ceiling issues. The bathroom is very narrow in appearance because of how it's base dimensions (6'x11') are a bit overun by the high (18') ceiling. I have in mind on how to paint the lower (eye levelish) portion of the room, (which drawing point are the old tall victorian window frames) but I'm still having trouble with what to do about the ceiling area. The issues with the ceiling is that is has several pvc drain pipes protruding outwards in various and unsymetrical directions. The awkward directions of the pipes is what really complicates (eye sores) matters and I'm not allowed to rechannel them. I've thus far painted them black to make them look as if they were iron. My thinking now is to darken the entire ceiling area along with dropping a 3' down border on the side wall areas in the same color (with either matte brown or black) and use track lighting to downlight the lower area and take focus of the ceiling? Have any of you perhaps dealt with a similar situation or maybe can offer some better suggestion or ideas. Black seems awkward but it would really help mask the pipes. Thanks for reading. Charles in Texas

chrisn 08-17-2009 05:09 AM

Sounds like a plan to me, not that many people actually look at the ceiling anyway.

Scuba_Dave 08-17-2009 07:26 AM

Are all the ceiling 18' high?
I guess you don't have to heat them
I think I'd drop the ceiling down to at least 12'

Painting the upper part a dark color would probably work
Another thing I have seen is a partial ceiling lower in the middle of the room
It still leaves the upper area open & visible, but brings the focus down

fredonian 08-17-2009 09:20 AM

The entire loft area have these unusually high ceilings. Even the windows frames are 9 feet tall. Fortunately, the windows will draw the most attention due to thier height. I'm staining the door frames and wood areas with a dark umber stain and transparent reddish overcoat. I was going to go with venetian red for the walls but now leaning towards a dark maroon, because the tall windows during the daytime turn this room into a lightbox. I wish I could visualize in my mind better. What color would some of you suggest for the ceiling? Black would be such a cumbersome mistake to correct if it looked bad. Would some of you go with dark brown or dark gray? Or perhaps make it the same color as the walls? Thanks-Charles in Texas

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