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Barry J 11-25-2011 10:10 AM

damaged walls
I just got done stripping my wallpaper from my walls, some of the wallboard was damaged, so I put some "gardz" wallboard repair on, know I'm doing some joint compound to the holes, and uneven surfaces.
I need a lot of compound touch up,
My question is,
is it a good idea to joint compound the bigger (deeper) spots, and then don't worry about the shallow spots. Then put a coat of primer on the wall, to see how much of the shallow spots fix with primer, then go around a skim coat the rest of the uneven surfaces..then another primer coat???
I just want an easier way to repair all my uneven spots

Brushjockey 11-25-2011 11:18 AM

Barry- sounds like you primed with Gardz first- Excellent!
That will give you a sound surface to work on.
Use as big a mud blade as will fit in a space- I usually have a 12", 6" and 4" as i do this.
Quickly pole sand or hand sand the surface to knock off any "bits".
Prefill deeper stuff and blade level, and let dry (fans help)
If there is a lot of small damage over much of the surface I will then skim the entire surface- have a work light to the side- you need to be able to see well.
Let dry, sand smooth ( using light again!) and prime again. You could use Gardz, but at this point it is easier to use a pigmented primer to see how you did.
Many good choices- I have been using Z123, or Smart Prime, or other quality primer/sealers.
Look over with light- touch up mud as needed, resand those, spot prime and you should be ready for finish paint.

Good luck!

user1007 11-25-2011 11:18 AM

That will certainly work. You really don't want to count on a primer as a substitute for compound though. Try a nice wide blade and all but deepest gouges should fill in as you pass over them with your skim coat.

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