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allyr 09-26-2009 02:18 PM

cream trim downstairs, white trim upstairs, advice for stairs?
We have made the mistake of painting our new house piecemeal over the last 6 months. As a result, we have a lovely living room with cream trim, and lovely upstairs bedrooms and bathroom with white trim, and no idea what to do with the space between them.

We painted the stair railing and baseboards up to the landing with the cream from the living room, because that's what was visible from the living room. But from the landing up to the upstairs hallway, we've got the previous owners sad white paint. Then when you enter any of the rooms upstairs, you find our fresh new colors and bright white trim.

Should we continue the cream trim up the stairs and into the upstairs hallway, and let the transition to white happen at the doorjams into the upstairs rooms? Or should we pick a spot (e.g. top of the stairs?) to make a rather abrupt transition from cream to bright white trim, which would at least allow the entire upstairs to match (hallway and rooms)?

Thanks for your thoughts!

saggdevil 09-26-2009 04:01 PM

You could have all cream downstairs and up the stairway stopping at the hall and everything on 2nd floor including the hallway in the white (both are good color choices for woodwork). That would be my choice if I had two colors of painted woodwork.

In my opinion those coming into the house downstairs (especially people not living there) are more likely to notice two colors in view. More than likelly that would be the mingling area for company or visitors. Those living in the house and seeing it every day will not even notice any of it after awhile.

Good luck with your choice.:)

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