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Flt_Simulation 06-22-2012 08:00 AM

Cost of having "knockdown" texture applied to 1 wall ?
I just bought a house that was built in 2002. I have a 16' x 9' wall in the family room that had some ugly wallpaper that I removed.

The outer layer of the wall paper pulled off easily, but the bottom layer of paper had to be soaked in water and scraped off.

While scraping, I also scraped off much of the 'knockdown' texture that was applied to the drywall.

The area of the damage to the knockdown texture is just too large to try to use those spray cans of texture you can buy at Lowes ... and I understand those spray cans don't work very well anyway.

I don't want to buy a texture hopper, find a compressor, and attempt to do this job myself.

Is it possible to get a contractor that does drywall texture to come to my house and do a little 16' x 9' wall project? I am thinking not many will want such a small project.

If I can find somebody ... how much do you think they will charge for just texturing that one wall?

The good thing about this is I don't have to worry about the carpeting in this family room ... It is all going to be replaced in about a week from now.


joecaption 06-22-2012 08:54 AM

Going to have to make some local calls and find out.

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