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GLS0628 05-14-2012 08:44 AM

correct stain and sealer for wooden front door
I am looking for some advice or suggestions on selecting the proper stain and sealer for a wooden front door. I have a double wooden door that takes a beating from the sun. No moisture but just sun. I have let it get bad enough that I am having to strip, stain, and seal it agin. I have a couple questions on the correct products to use. Is there a certain type of stain that I should use or is it mainly getting the color that I want since it is going to be covered with a sealer. What sealer is preferred? I am been told to use marine varnish and then someone said that it would yellow quicker. Which type is suppose to hold up to the sun better? I would assume the best way to prevent this is to take better care of the door and not let it get in this shape. Is that mainly just washing it and applying another coat of sealer once every year or two before the damage gets down to the stain? If so what do I need to between coats of sealer.

joecaption 05-14-2012 09:10 AM

I used to live on and work on boats many moons ago. The best finish I ever used was Bristal Finish.

There's a bunch or "marine varnish's" and sealers but this one has far more UV protection then any of them. It's not cheap but to you really want to be doing this again anytime soon? It drys fast enough and self levels so well I could get several coats on in a day. The more coats the longer any finish will last. Time and time again I see people apply one coat of a sealer on tables, floors, trim, and think that's going to do something, just not going to work out.

The color you pick for the stain will be key on how long any finish last.
Darker colors will super heat the door and distroy the sealer faster.
I've seen many steel doors where someone painted the door a dark color then installed installed a clear view storm door and it's melted the plastic trim and melted the gasket.

If your not willing to buy a wood lookng fiberglass door then concider adding a nice roof over this entry way.

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