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cleaning up after painting

I used a 5 gallon bucket and screen with my roller for paint jobs.

What's the best way to clean up the bucket and screen and where do you guys dump the residue?

I usually drain and wipe up as much as I can, and then run water into the bucket using my tub faucet and just dump the remains down the drain. This is with flat enamel paint. I'm wondering if this will clog the drain, but the paint seems soluble in water.

I'd prefer to hose it down outside and dump any water out in the back woods, but I don't want to get in trouble.


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I expect what you're doing is what most people do. They just clean their painting tools up with water in a laundry room sink or kitchen sink and drain the sink.

If your bucket is pretty smooth on the inside, you could probably just let the paint dry on the inside of it and then peel it off the inside of the bucket.

When I paint, I use a plastic tray liner, and just let the old paint dry up in that tray liner. Then, when each tray liner has about 8 pounds of dried paint in it, I just chuck it.

I prefer doing that because it seems to me that getting rid of that dried paint in a landfill is more environmentally friendly than to wash it down the drain when it's still wet. I wash out my brushes and roller sleeves, tho. There's not much you can do about that.

If you happen to live near any place that sells beekeeper's supplies, they will sell stainless steel screens (for straining the undesireable stuff out of honey).

If it were my drain piping, I'd probably toss one of those screens over the drain just to catch the bigger stuff, and then rinse that screen off in the toilet.

Wet latex paint doesn't actually "dissolve" in water the way dish soap or laundry detergent does. If you could see inside the dirty water, you'd see tiny hard globs of clear plastic, tiny little particles of chaulk or talc or silica, and tiny coloured particles, none of which would be big enough to see without a microscope, and none of which would dissolve in water. It's kinda like mud turning into muck when you put it in water; nothing in the mud actually dissolves in the water.


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