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Dar 08-30-2009 02:27 PM

Cleaning paint/stain from a lacquered surface
Hi all,

I recently had my staircase updated, with new oak handrails and new balusters. The balusters were purchased and installed in a prefinished white lacquer finish, very similar to this product:

They now have had some wood stain and some latex paint drips on them, and when i tried to scrape them, i removed some of the lacquer finish as well. Any suggestions as to what i can use or do to clean them, without the risk of removing the original finish? Any advice would be appreciated.


TheDIYerGuy 08-30-2009 10:38 PM

Hey Dar, hehe that sounds great when you say it out loud! Lacquer can be a tricky finish to remove things from, mainly because it is very easy to scrape off, and is not nearly as resilient as, say, a polyurethane. About all you can do is use a flat edge razor blade and carefully etch off the drips. This will most likely leave very tiny squared angles on top of your round ballusters. To fix this, just get some 600 or above "sand wet" sand paper. Using a small bit of water gently sand the surface to remove these. If you went to far with the razor, matching the exact color of white lacquer may be difficult, but krylon and rustoleum both have a sprayable version you may be able to try.

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