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pman6 03-08-2013 02:42 AM

cheap contractor paint like Olympic Fast Hide. Will it stick?
I have old Dunn Edwards semigloss paint on the walls of a rental property.

I'm thinking about giving certain areas a thin coat of identical color cheap semigloss paint, like Olympic Fast Hide.

Gonna use my power disc sander to rough up the dunn edwards, then slop on the cheap paint.

I know cheaper paints have less bonding agent, but will the sanding help the cheap paint be scrubbable and prevent it from peeling off?

not looking for A+ work here. Just need something cheap and durable with proper prepwork

jsheridan 03-08-2013 04:27 AM

Pman, the idea is right, but the power disc sander is way overkill. I would take a full sheet of 120 grit paper, folded in fours, and run over the walls by hand. If you do as high as you can reach down to the baseboard you should be okay. You can do an average size room in fifteen to twenty minutes. Start in one corner and walk the room 360 doing as high and low as you can reach, then drop to the floor and do the same for the low work, save your knees and time with less up and down.

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