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username#132 04-07-2005 05:46 PM

Changing wood colour
Mum want to change the colour of the sideboard to match the mahogany TV stand my friend's parents gave us. I'm confused about what we need to do.
I think we can get woodstain, and then put varnish over it, or we can just get coloured varnish and that will change the colour?
If I use woodstain, would I use a clear varnish afterwards?
Would it be better to just use a coloured varnish, so as to save on varnishing it afterwards.

Thanks for your time.

MgMopar 03-13-2006 07:22 AM

Yes, you would use wood stain.
First off you need to remove (sand or strip) what ever finish is on the side board. Then you will need to try different stains in a hidden spot on the unit until you find the shade and color you desire. It may take a few tries different wood take on different stains with a lot of variation. Don't trust the color on the can of stain until you see how it turns out on the wood you are using it on. The varnish or polyurethane would be used after the color to provide a protective finish and you can get glossy, satin depending on the desired surface finish. And Yes, you can get polyurethane and varnishes with stain or color in them. It is a possibility for you to use these as well. I have found it easier for me to match colors when I do the staining in a different step. Sometimes I have bought 3 or so color stains and had to mix some in a small batch just to get the piece I was doing to hit the color I desired.

I hope I was of some help for you

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