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user1007 05-03-2013 05:01 AM

Chalk Paint - I Promise - No Prep Needed
Apparently, having worn out primer and paint in one and one coat coverage the latest being heaped on the eager consumer is no-prep paint products.

Let's put chalk paint on the table for what it is and hopefully kill it before allowed to ruin too many pieces of nice furniture. Annie Sloan is the premiere brand but please understand what it is. It is a mix of liquidized plaster of paris with the cheapest of acrylic hobby paint folded in. Not since the majority of popcorn ceilings where polystyrene beads were folded into the crappiest of ceiling paint have I noticed such a similar product. The proprietor claims you can use it on anything without surface prep. Those who hyped popcorn ceilings proved the point and that you could skip taping ceiling drywall joints too.

Come on. You know something about this chalk paint makes you twitch? But you want to believe right? It is beyond expensive for what it is?

Folks, much as we would like, the World just does not work this way. If you must try something like this medicine wagon crap, at least make your own from a bag of plaster of paris and cheap hobby paint. Thin it down and add some strong color tint if you must.

And a few years from now, I do so look forward to repeating, over and over again, how you might get parts of a failed chalk paint off nice furniture as many of us explain how to get rid of popcorn ceilings.

ToolSeeker 05-03-2013 08:43 AM

OK buddy you opened the door so I guess I will go on a little rant. I feel people are so willing to settle for inferior products because of the time factor and laziness. 2 in 1 paint yea it doesn't cover very good and it fades pretty quick, but good lord I don't have to prime, WOW. Now paint over dirt, chalky, no problem, look at the steps I save no washing, no prep work, just slather it on and done. This is how infomercials make millionaires out of people with inferior products. And the big companies are playing on this trend and as long as people keep buying it instead of taking it back when they see it is crap then they will keep making and marketing it. I mean just read on here where they say "Oh can't afford SW or Benny Moore it's $40 a gallon" so they go get B#@# Ultra and it's over $30 a gallon. "But i don"t have to prime." What I hate to see is companies like Ben Moore and SW joining in just to stay in the game I wish instead they had mounted a big advertising campaign to tell what crap this is and that it really doesn't work.
I'm done.------------------------For now.

TrailerParadise 05-03-2013 09:10 AM

i have to agree with the paint and primer in one, its crap. It really doesnt take that long to prime the wall first.

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