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here4funnow 05-06-2012 04:11 PM

cetol dek finish
Im trying to restain a deck that has cetol sikkens dek finish on it, as i was bleaching it getting ready to pressure wash i notice stain was breaking up all the way back to bare wood in places all over the as it dryed i went back 2 days later to sand feathered all lose edges of stain flush i had bare wood on places covering the whole deck floor and top handrails so i put one coat of cetol dek finish on floor and hand rails the prevous stain had darken with time as it always does with this now i had light spots every where what can i do to solve this issue would prefer answer from some one whom actually has used and knows this product thanks for any help.

ratherbefishin' 05-06-2012 05:20 PM

Cetol is a good product IF you read and follow the instructions:

"Previous coatings must be removed prior to the application of Cetol DEK Finish."

That includes old coats of Cetol.

You'll need to strip the whole thing and start over.

CaptRandy 05-06-2012 07:09 PM

Got to love Sikkens , it means money to me. Strip it, neutralize then coat it. Not a job for the amateur.

poppameth 05-07-2012 05:51 AM

The product generally doesn't break up like that if it's been applied and maintained correctly to begin with. Once it does get to that point you have to strip it before restaining. It isn't the easiest thing to strip either.

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