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BradG 11-18-2007 05:54 PM

Cement, plaster, paint - ceiling: "spray skim coat"?
I had some cracks from loose paint on the ceilings of the two bedrooms in our new co-op. Once I started scraping, a lot of paint came down and I also scraped a lot of the thinner areas where the plaster under the paint just felt sort of soft.

Now I've got a mess to cover up. I'm not sure that sheet rock is an option as the ceilings are cement (and pretty low to boot, 8' 3"). I was planning on killing myself and trying to skim coat but a guy I know "has a friend" who works for a commercial skim-coat company and says he can bring over the sprayer machine on a weekend and cover these ceilings.

What's the deal with this "skim-coat machine"? He says it will leave a perfect surface. Here's a pic of what I'm dealing with, cement, plaster and paint:

slickshift 11-18-2007 06:06 PM

I've not heard of a "skim coat machine" as such
But with very few simple modifications an airless paint sprayer can be used to spray joint compound
It's a method of skim coating large areas for a level 5 drywall finish
Level 5 is the highest degree of smoothness possible

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