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mara 07-29-2008 05:40 PM

Ceiling paint problems, and color?
Hi guys,

Amateur painter here with my first house and first attempts with painting. I decided to paint the ceiling and then repaint because of the lines and roller marks that keep appearing. This is my third time painting and I still see roller marks. I am using a 6 inch roller as suggested by an expert, with regular Behr latex paint. Maybe itís that there is not enough paint applied? Could it be that itís just difficult with a small roller?

Any suggestions on paint colors with a navy blue carpet would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Nestor_Kelebay 07-29-2008 09:51 PM

Is your bathroom light fixture only a couple of inches below your bathroom ceiling?

If so, the problem is mostly the highly critical lighting angle that is going to make any imperfection on your bathroom ceiling look bigger than it really is.

I'd scrape down the roller marks on your ceiling with a sharp paint scraper and repaint with a shorter nap roller making sure to roll the whole ceiling in the SAME DIRECTION.

Even a difference in rolling direction will show with a critical lighting angle.

PS: Look for lights mounted on brick walls. The bricks all look like their in a perfectly flat plane during the day, but at night when the light comes on, they look like a mouthful of crooked teeth. Lighting can create more problems than anything else.

mara 07-29-2008 10:14 PM

ceiling paint problems
Hi and thank you for the response. I should have clarified that I am painting my formal dining and living room that is all one long room. The lighting comes from the north through the windows. In the morning and late afternoon is the time that I see all the roller marks. It's driving me crazy because I want to apply crown molding when I am done painting, (If I ever finish?)

sirwired 07-29-2008 11:18 PM

How to paint your ceiling, in a few easy steps:

1) Ditch the 6-inch roller. I can't even imagine how long that is taking you... use 9-inch instead. (What "expert" suggested you paint a gigantic ceiling with that tiny little thing?) Pros use one even longer, but you will kill your back doing so unless you are used to it.
2) Get yourself a 1/2" nap Purdy White Dove. Usually a 3/8" will do okay, but since you are having problems, use something thicker. May the deity of your choice save you if you are using the BigBoxCo House Brand junk covers.
3) Use a Wooster SherLock roller frame. $6 or so at BigBox, and smooth as silk. Mate it with a sturdy pole. For your DIY use, a nice wooden one should work okay.
4) Ditch the HD paint. Go to an actual paint store and get yourself some mid-grade flat paint. (If you are using satin or eggshell paint, that is a big problem right there.) At Sherwin Williams, this would be either Classic99 or ProMar 200. Don't know what the Benjamin Moore equivalent would be. (Slick, would that be SuperHide?) Since you are having problems you may want to consider going to a higher grade paint, such as SW SuperPaint, or BM Regal. (HD or Lowes does not sell paint you want to buy...)
5) Roll your ceiling in long stripes. A 1/2" cover should be able to do 15' or so with one load of paint. Apply the paint with one pass, go back over it with another, backroll the previous stripe once, and then reload. Don't do all the crazy W, M, or N pattern stuff you see in DIY books and shows. It will just kill your arms and back and waste time for no good end.
6) When applying, use just enough force to keep the roller cover in consistent even contact with the ceiling. Do NOT "squeeze" the paint out of the roller; this WILL cause roller marks. The designers of the roller cover and paint have spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to let the paint wick right onto the wall. It doesn't need your help.
7) Wait overnight before evaluating for roller marks. The paint can look better after it cures some.


mara 07-30-2008 12:35 AM

painting ceiling again
Thank you for your suggestions and help. I will give it a go. This will be the forth time.

Did someone say after missing the mark the third time "the forth time is the charm". I hope so.

slickshift 07-31-2008 12:52 AM

The biggest causes of roller lines:

1) Poor quality paint
2) Poor quality roller sleeves
3) Poor technique

#1,'ve got that
The Behr is a poor product at best
I'd suggest a real ceiling paint from a real paint store
Benjamin Moore's Muresco Ceiling White if at all possible
It's a proven winner, and very forgiving

#2...I suspect your sleeves suffer the same fate as your paint]
At the Real Paint Store, get some 9" Purdy White Doves and a 9" roller cage
There are other good sleeves, but I know for sure you can get the White Doves

As for #3, the biggest mistake is trying to squeeze every last drop of paint out of the sleeve, like squishing a sponge
Apply the paint, don't squoosh it, lay it on there-not too thick-but lay it down rather than squeeze it out

With the combination of these three things, you should be just fine

mara 08-02-2008 02:23 PM

Ceiling paint success
I just wanted to shout out to sirwired and slickshift. Thanks to your suggestions my ceiling paint looks sooooo much better. I bought all the products suggested. I am now a fan and follower of SW brand. Wow! What a difference.

I do have a few lines that I missed and I am just about ready to gingerly applying paint to try and conceal the error of my ways.


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