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cart 06-22-2008 05:24 AM

ceiling not white
Hi All,
I have done various repairs to my ceiling,patching up various cracks nails popping out etc.

I have washed and sanded the ceiling in prep for the paint.

I have applied two coats of Taubmans 3 in 1 primer,sealer and undercoat plus two coats of Wattyl ceiling magic( goes on pink dries white) the thing is where I have carried out the repairs, that has painted over nicely and is as I would expect in the whiteness of the ceiling paint, how ever,the rest of the ceiling looks dirty as though the previous paint colour of the ceiling is trying to show through ( previous colour being a beige ).

Should I re-undercoat and apply ceiling paint again, buy some low sheen white paint and apply that or get the ceiling paint tinted half strength of my wall colour and use that instead.

If I did opt out to paint it white or half strength, would I have to undercoat again before applying these paints.

I used the same paints on the cornices and they came out nice and white as one would expect from ceiling white.

Any ideas anyone

Thank you


sirwired 06-22-2008 06:00 AM

Any smokers in the house, now or in the past? If so, you need to prime with shellac-based primer to block the stains. (You will need to wear a respirator to apply.)

The two coats of primer, and two coats of paint should have been more than enough to hide a beige paint...


cart 06-22-2008 06:51 AM

Hi sirwired,


Any smokers in the house, now or in the past?
Yes there is and also a wood fire was in the room for many years, actually I suppose one could say that what is showing through you could liken to a smoke stained ceiling.

Looking back into the room the most obvious places of discolouration is where the fire sat and where I mainly sat on the comp smoking.I have also found out the previous owners where smokers as well.

Another thing would I have to do all the walls as well,these have two coats of the undercoat on and they seem nice and white, these walls will be painted a crushed rock colour.

I would imagine this shelac based primer can go straight over what I have already applied.

Thank you for your reply.


sirwired 06-22-2008 07:16 AM

Glad it sounds like my wild guess was correct...:thumbup:

FYI, the most commonly used shellac-based primer here is Zinsser BIN.


slickshift 06-22-2008 07:20 AM

An oil-based (alkyd) primer should seal your ceiling, a pigmented shellac will seal it.
The oil-based primer would (should) only need one coat of premium ceiling white (latex vinyl)
The shellac, due to it's "sheen" may need two topcoats to prevent "flashing" (sheen changes, color covering but sheen showing through)

cart 06-22-2008 07:21 AM

Super quick reply sirwired,thank you.

looking on the net Dulux make a shellac primer,location Australia here.

Should I leave the walls as is or do them as well.



slickshift 06-22-2008 07:28 AM

That Dulux will work great
Heads's a bit on the stinky and sloppy side
It doesn't make application easy
But it dries quick...and it will solve your problem

Sounds like you walls are OK though
I wouldn't use that stuff unless you have to

Oh yeah, get a VOC'll need it!

cart 06-22-2008 07:32 AM

Ok thank you guys:thumbup:, off to the hardware store tomorrow,thanks again this room has been a bug bear since I started it,what with this problem and paint blisters etc,so needless to say when I seen the result of the ceiling I was about ready to just give it away.



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