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unixb0y 06-04-2009 04:23 PM

Caulking Exterior Windows
Our house was built in 1945. The windows were replaced in 1988 or so with triple pane windows.

The frames appear to be original.

The paint has been peeling on the window frames. The caulking was painted over however the paint is cracking. This might be normal in our -40deg winters.

It's time that the window frames get painted again. I am stripping them down to bare wood. I'm going to apply a oil primer and benjamin moore aura exterior paint when the weather finally cooperates.

Getting the caulking off the wood frames seems pretty easy sometimes, other times is seems harder. Maybe there is a combination of caulking being used depending on the area.

Getting the caulking off the window glass seems rather difficult. The caulk sticks to the glass and the frame really well. There is also plastic between the window and the wood that caulking really adhears to.

Should I be concerned when applying new caulking over the old?

Also, I'm not sure what caulking is already there, should I be concerned about applying new caulking over old?

Matthewt1970 06-04-2009 05:31 PM

Hopefully they used all paintable Caulk. After you have scraped everything, then prime it and if the primer won't stick to the old caulk, then the only thing that will is more silicone. You will know as the unpaintable silicone will streak off the primer and paint leaving a spider web look to it. Also, the new caulk will stick to the primed wood better than it will unprimed wood. Paint will stick to latex caulk, so there is really no need to prime again after you have primed and caulked.

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