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digexpressions 12-29-2007 01:57 PM

Cabinet Painting: Gloss vs. Semi Gloss
I am going to be painting my oak cabinets white and was wondering if it was better to use a semi-gloss enamel rather than a gloss enamel. I heard that touch-ups are very noticeable when using gloss paint. Another question I had is does the sheen affect the paints finish and smoothness? I will be using a foam roller and noticed that the highgloss trim I painted came out very smooth. Was wondering if that would be the result with semi gloss. I used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic White Latex Enamel. Any other recommendations? Thanks.

slickshift 12-29-2007 03:47 PM

Touch-up will be no different in the gloss vs. semi-gloss
It's not until you get to flat that touch-up is easier
Then there is that enamels do not touch up well regardless

Sheen does not affect smoothness per say, that's more the leveling characteristics of a particular product
Sheen is a shininess thing

I was not aware Pro Classic came in either gloss or semi-gloss
Regardless, when talking apples to apples, Pro Classic to Pro Classic, the leveling characteristics should remain the same

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