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aribert 05-11-2013 08:23 AM

Blending SW Superpaint for incleased gloss
I bought 5 gal of SW Superpaint Satin to paint the aluminum siding on the 2nd story of my residence. Choice of satin in part to responses to my earlier questions and to responses to others about using anything with more sheen than a satin. I'm a semi-gloss exterior w/ gloss trim kind of a guy and after painting the backside of the house I am greatly underwhelmed in the look. To make it worse my wife asked if I was finished priming (where I had spot primed and 2 top coats).

Since I have 3+ gal of the satin left, I am planning on buying a gal of Superpaint in high gloss and blending it with the satin. I'll first sample a 3 to 1 ratio and if that still looks too flat I'll try a 2 satin to 1 high gloss. My goal is to achieve a sheen/gloss that is greater than satin but less than a typical semi-gloss.

I have looked closely at the siding surface and the only area with denting is on the backside of the house where the electrical and former cable attachments are - so the concern of highlighting dents is not a concern. I am finished with the backside and will leave it in satin.

Any reason (horror stories) why I should not do this?

Jmayspaint 05-11-2013 09:26 AM

I don't see any real problem with doing that. I've done similar things several times. Just make sure you mix it REALLY well so it doesn't flash. And of course make enough in one batch to do what you need, as it will be a one of a kind. Even repeating the same mix isn't likely to be exactly the same.
It's hard to add gloss, as flatness tends to dominate. But it will add some.

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