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PAINTLOVER 05-01-2010 10:54 AM

BIN Spray Shellac-Base Primer formulation
Hope someone can tell me why the spray can directions of Zinsser BIN
Shellac-Base primer specify interior use only (70F) and are different from the 1qt and gallon can directions which specify outdoor use between 30 and 90F. I was going to call the Zinsser 800 number to ask but welcome your input on the different use instructions depending on can size of BIN.

Does the spray can BIN have a different formulation than the qt and gallon
BIN types??

I am using BIN (spray can) to spot prime the nail heads on my wood siding
prior to painting my siding. I have completed one side of my home and the coverage is excellent. I wire brush each nail head, clean siding with TSP powder mixture,spot prime each nail head with BIN, 1 coat of Zinsser 123 water base primer and 2 finish coats of ICI Dulux Fortis Exterior paint. I am using rollers and brushes to apply the primer and finish coats of paint to my house.

Only have had a couple of nail heads show rust thru after using the above steps so I'm sure I'm doing everything correctly. Just wondering about the formulation.

I use the spray can BIN to spot prime my siding nails as I am up on a 24'
ladder and it is safer for me using the spray can of BIN instead of brushing it on. The spray can BIN works well for those hard to reach area's on my 1 story ranch wood siding.

Thanks.... Jim :no:

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