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JoanBologna 07-09-2011 12:02 PM

Best color to paint kitchen-we're selling
We are planning to put our house on the market soon. The market here in the Detroit area is extremely bad, so we are not expecting to make much money on the house we have owned for 18 years. The only area that needs updating is the kitchen. I am in the process of removing wallpaper from our kitchen/dining area now. Want to save as much money as possible because 2 real estate agents have told me I am at the top of what I can get for my bungalow. Any money we put into the kitchen will not increase the sales price but will get us a quicker sale. I have oak Merillat cabinets and white appliances. Those will not change. The agents have said the flooring and counters are in good shape and fine and advised us not to waste money changing them. The flooring is green vinyl (looks like marble squares) and the counters are a light green. The blacksplash around the sink is white tile with a hunter green edge. What I wanted to do was paint the walls a neutral very light beige or white. The dining portion of the kitchen is very bright with a bay south-facing window which is great here in the dreary metro-Detroit area. Our winters are very gray, so light is very important. What do you think? Should I go with white or beige? I had planned on replacing the flooring with a beige/gray vinyl tile and getting the counters re-done, but since I won't make any more money, should I just leave the green floor and counter?

ltd 07-09-2011 08:56 PM

ah what the heck id paint it sherwin williams believable buff :huh: i think it will make your cabinets pop,wow i cant believe i said pop . oh well. in my opinion save your money .in a tough market have your house spotless ,fresh smelling and most of all price:thumbsup:

m1951mm 07-10-2011 05:51 AM

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I have been doing some repaints for a couple of Realtors in my area and the color they all use is SW Kilim Beige (SW6106). It is also the color that many of the new homes in this area are being painted. Very neutral, yet warm. Here is a pic of this color in one of the homes I painted:

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