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Benjamin Moore Natura paint smell won't go away


Painted two weeks ago with Benjamin Moore's Natura, "greenest" paint. No VOC. Two weeks after painting, the smell has not gone away. Still a paint smell. I fear I am stuck with this smell.

Has anyone else had problems with this paint? I've never had this problem with any other paint I've ever used.

What should I do? I am worried about what is making this smell. Will painting over with primer, and another coat solve the smell problem?

Does anyone have experience in this issue? Please help. Very sad about this situation, and very worried about what I have introduced into my house.

Thank you.


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I would contact the store you purchased this from and ask them to have their BDR from Ben Moore come visit your home. I have used plenty of Natura and have never noticed any smell while painting, especially two weeks later. I can't think of any reason why you should have a lingering smell after two weeks. Was any other paint used at the same time for trim, ceilings, or anything else? How's the weather by you? Do you have AC running or any type of air circulating?? You got me stumped - I would definitely contact Ben Moore and have them look into this..

good luck!


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Coincidentally my Ben Moore rep was in today and gave me a list of Natura batches that are being recalled for exactly the reason you mentioned. They do claim the smell will eventually go away, however, this certainly should not happen. Go see your Ben Moore store and let them know what the problem is. If they are unaware of the recall ask them to call up Ben Moore and get the info.
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Bad Benjamin Moore Natura Paint

The bad smell from Benjamin Moore Natura Paint has still not gone away, even 6 weeks after painting. I have read on other sites about this problem that the smell is still there a year later. One man ripped out his ceiling and put in new drywall to get rid of the smell. I have no idea what to do--I am considering sanding off the paint, but am afraid of inhaling the gasses and small particles, even with a dust mask. Any suggestions?
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if you're really worried about breathing in any of that buy a 3m respirator. lowes and HD both have them. you can attach a p100 filter with a gas canister {this is actually the filter you use for asbestos removal as well} that removed 99.9% of everything in the air. with this on you'll have better air quality sanding the room than you would driving down the street.

second, you could likely run another coat of no voc paint over what you have and seal it. when paint dries it creates a layer over whatever you put it over. the least amount of work is just going over what's already there.
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Benjamin Moore Natura

Benjamin Moore & Co. is making the following announcement concerning its Natura Brand paint. Certain batches of Natura flat and eggshell finish paint manufactured prior to 2010 were made with a defoamer that contained canola oil that in certain circumstances caused some consumers to experience a persistent odor problem after the paint was applied. In early 2010, the Natura flat and eggshell finishes were reformulated to replace the defoamer. This eliminated the odor problem. Batch numbers for Natura flat and eggshell finishes containing the defective defoamer are listed below. Benjamin Moore retailers were instructed to remove the old paint from retail shelves in the summer of 2010. If you experienced an odor problem from Natura paint that was purchased prior to September 1, 2010 or is from one of the listed batch numbers, please contact our complaint line at (855) 724-6802 (855-paint-02). If you can identify the batch number from the paint you used, please have it ready. We stand by our products and will address all consumer concerns caused by the paint.

(Pre-Reformulation Batches)
Product Batch Code
0512 01 023116
0512 01 081904
0512 01 102712
0512 1X 013419
0512 1X 022914
0512 1X 023217
0512 1X 033419
0512 1X 061803
0512 1X 073520
0512 1X 082207
0512 1X 083924
0512 1X 092611
0512 1X 093924
0512 1X 094429
0512 1X 103015
0512 1X 122510
0512 1X 132712
0512 2X 022611
0512 2X 033318
0512 2X 054126
0512 2X 112409
0512 3X 022106
0512 3X 022510
0512 3X 032005
0512 4X 013015
0512 4X 022611
0512 4X 031803
0512 4X 043520
0513 01 022409
0513 01 034025
0513 01 044530
0513 1X 019930
0513 1X 019931
0513 1X 019932
0513 1X 013116
0513 1X 014328
0513 1X 021702
0513 1X 021702
0513 1X 021702
0513 1X 023318
0513 1X 031702
0513 1X 033823
0513 1X 042106
0513 1X 052813
0513 1X 053520
0513 1X 073015
0513 1X 073823
0513 1X 074328
0513 1X 082510
0513 1X 092308
0513 1X 101702
0513 1X 122308
0513 2X 022106
0513 2X 023015
0513 2X 030520
0513 2X 032813
0513 2X 041601
0513 2X 043419
0513 2X 044126
0513 2X 074126
0513 2X 082914
0513 2X 103520
0513 2X 123621
0513 3X 022409
0513 3X 042914
0513 3X 092510
0513 4X 013621
0513 4X 014429
0513 4X 032409
0513 4X 043015
K511 01 042308
K512 01 033116
K512 01 072813
K512 1X 041601
K512 1X 043621
K512 1X 113116
K512 2X 054126
K512 3X 031904
K512 3X 052106
K512 4X 041803
K512 4X 052813
K513 01 054126
K513 1X 041702
K513 1X 043722
K513 1X 083520
K513 1X 093520
K513 1X 103621
K513 1X 112005
K513 1X 132712
K513 2X 024025
K513 2X 052005
K513 2X 053015
K513 3X 052005
K513 3X 053318
K513 3X 123015
K513 4X 033823
K513 4X 052611
K513 4X 053621
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If your Natura paint is newer and still smells...

The smell is the titanium dioxide. I have worked with the pure form of this chemical at my previous job, and I can assure you all that it is the main culprit in the smell of paint. I have read the MSDS, and although it is completely harmless when in solution (not in respirable powder form), the smell does linger quite a bit. Paint manufacturers use titanium dioxide to lighten or whiten paint as well as protect it from UV degradation. It also thickens the paint considerably. I don't know a whole lot about paint, but perhaps black or dark-colored paint may have less of a smell. I think that the "no smell" you get from "zero VOC" products is better stated as "no toxic smell" from dangerous solvents and petrochemicals.
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Re: Benjamin Moore Natura paint smell won't go away

Smells like the problem is back. I painted my bathrooms in October 2015 with Aura semi-gloss and they still smell when they get damp i.e. from shower steam. I've opened a complaint with BM but does anyone have a remedy?
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Re: Benjamin Moore Natura paint smell won't go away

Lisa Thank you for the info it's great when a company steps up with info.


Entering your general location can help with answering a lot of times
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