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ChantillyScott 03-02-2010 12:37 PM

Bathroom Walls and Ceiling Become Cracked and Hazy
We have a newly painted bathroom with vaulted ceilings. Some (but not all) of the walls have started to develop a thin white haze (especially those adjacent to the shower stall); and, on a small area that's about 8" x 10" on the ceiling directly over the shower area, paint has started to crack (not discolor, though). We painted the room with Valspar gloss and the ceiling with Valspar semi-gloss paint.
We can wipe the thin haze off but it seems to keep coming back and we don't know how to treat the cracking paint directly over the shower area (since we're not sure if it's being caused by a leaking roof from directly above or from the steam created by the shower). Before the re-paint, these situations did not exist (or at least they were never noticed).
Help: Can anyone advise me how to eradicate the haze and get rid of the cracking paint over the shower stall area [I tried to climb out along the rafters in the attic to determine if the roof was leaking and, 1) I could not get that far to tell; and 2) I nearly killed myself trying to get out there. Thanks,

tpolk 03-02-2010 02:09 PM

did you prime first and hows your fan/vent

ChantillyScott 03-02-2010 02:20 PM

Bathroom Walls and Ceiling Become Cracked and Hazy
We painted (using 2 coats) directly over previous paint for both walls and ceiling because the previous colors were much lighter. Because of the size of the bathroom (it's about 12' x 15') and the vaulted ceilings, the steam has alway risen to the top and we've not really used our exhaust fan too much (and, again, we didn't really use it before and there were no previous paint issues).

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