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elementz 09-29-2010 12:47 PM

Bathroom and textured ceiling painting?
Just did some minor re-modeling to our bathroom, new tub/shower/sink, etc and would like to add a new color in there. I figured I need to come to the experts to answer my noob-ish questions. :thumbup:

1) I understand I need to buy a special type of paint for the bathroom? What kind?

2) I have about a half gallon of left over primer from a painting project earlier this year, can I use that? Or, is there a specific type of bathroom primer that I should get as well?

3) I have a textured ceiling in the bathroom, not sure if it's considered a popcorn ceiling as it has swirly designs in it and not the sharp points that most popcorn ceilings have. Again, do I need to do anything special to paint over this while keeping my nice swirly designs intact? Should I use a special primer/paint that will help prevent mold/mildew?

lloydb 09-30-2010 10:02 AM

I think you could get by without using a primer, though it would help if you are making a drastic color change.

I prefer semi-gloss for bathrooms as stains can be wiped off of it pretty easy.

If you want to leave your ceiling texture intact, I would rent an airless and spray it. Having been subjected to humidity, bathroom ceiling texture is notorious for coming off on a roller.

epson 09-30-2010 11:10 AM

My personal preference would be to use oil based paint and primer in the bathroom. What is the primer that you have a half gallon off?

Your textured ceiling with the swirly designs are probably done with plaster are raised some what. You can either rent spray equipment to do the ceiling and walls or just use a roller for both.

elementz 10-01-2010 10:25 AM

The primer that I have is what I used in the family room, acrylic/latex I believe.

epson 10-01-2010 10:30 AM

For me, I would still go with oil but others may say different. :whistling2:

elementz 10-01-2010 11:51 AM

Well the wife just called and said she primed it with the leftover primer and said she had no issues. I will pick a good oil based paint and slap that on. Hopefully it all goes well.

dubinpainting 10-01-2010 04:27 PM

Primer is not required but with the color change it might require 3 to four coats of paint for proper coverage. Use semi-gloss for bathrooms and kitchens. A flat ceiling paint for the ceiling.

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