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manitoban 09-07-2009 11:27 AM

bathroom primer
I moved into a house where I'm thinking they put a latex over an oil based paint in the bathroom. Parts around the toilet are peeling off from the moisture. I will scrape off and sand well, but I'm seeing a lot of different opinions about what to use as a primer - oil vs. latex. Looking at various 'professional' sites, some say oil (which i'd rather not use) and others latex. Is it okay to use a good water based primer with mildew resistent additives, then paint over that? Also, some people are saying eggshell is okay, but I'm thinking semi-gloss is better??

Additional info: This is an older home, where bathroom vents were not code at the time. As with many homes here, we just have a window. Plus it's an area with high humidity.


Matthewt1970 09-07-2009 01:37 PM

I really recommend using an oil based primer over oil based paint, especially in a high moisture area like that. Oil Based paints and primers really aren't that bad. Just get yourself some GoJo and your hands will cleanright up. If it's not that big of an area, I would just cover the toilet and floor and use this.

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