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Bathroom Paint - Crying Sap?

Hey everyone,

Just signed up after reading this thread - and specifically the comment in post #161...

Originally Posted by strawberryhills4ever View Post
Ralph Lauren paint and primer. I had my contractor use RL in Hunter Red in satin on the bathroom he remodeled. The primer was tinted in the same color, also RL. It went over that green wallboard. Remodeler had to use 4 coats to get the color right. Now, the bathroom walls bleed a sticky substance. It looks like the walls are wet. I clean them but the sticky wet look comes back. I have never seen anything like it. The guys at HD had no clue why this should be happening.
I thought about posting in that same thread but thought it might get lost as apparently did the post in question. Not trying to call anyone out - just trying to justify starting a new thread.

I wanted to comment on the above quoted info - specifically the highlighted text. We've had the same problem in our bathroom over the past several years. I'm honestly not sure what paint we used when doing that room about four years ago (it certainly wasn't RL). Regardless, we've had this sticky stuff - almost like sap - ooze and drip out of the walls to a hardened state. Quite disturbing actually... especially after watching a horror movie. Cleaning it requires a bit of elbow grease but no scraping or harsh chems.

Also, in that same room (the bathroom), whenever water would get splashed on the paint, the paint would seemingly appear to drip/run down the wall. Yet, when the water was wiped away or dried on its own, the issue disappeared. It's not as if any paint was actually dripping or running, but it sure seemed that way. While it could be an optical illusion, it's the first I've ever seen in my life, so I'm thinking it has to be something with the paint job.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing this? I'm guessing user-error is most likely a huge part of the problem as my wife and I aren't exactly great, experienced painters. That being said, I understand if there's not enough info here to speculate on what might be the problem but would appreciate any feedback regardless. We're planning to repaint the same bathroom and any suggestions on how to prep and paint these walls that appear to cry sap would be greatly appreciated.

Please be aware that I've been taking notes about quality paint, cutting brushes and roller covers very much to heart, and sincerely appreciate all those who take the time to post their suggestions.



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The yellow stuff running down the paint are the surfactants in the paint leaching out because the humidity of the bathroom slowed the cure time. Surfactants are similar to soap and gives paint it's flowability / helps it spread evenly. With multiple coats in a high humidity environment these surfactants will leach out of the paint if it wasn't given adequate time to cure. this can even happen when you paint an exterior; when it gets cooler at night and you get due or condensation on the outside of a house, you will see the leaching, especially in darker colors.

if it has been a couple weeks or even months and you are still having the problem then the material did not cure properly due to the use of the shower raising the humidity level in the room. As far as a fix......I'm not too sure. I would recommend letting the paint cure for a month or two. Prime with BIN or similar product and finish coat with a high quality interior egg-shell or satin sheen. Make sure you give each coat time to dry before applying the next.

If that doesn't work hang wallpaper


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Just reading through your post quickly it sounds like you MIGHT be experiencing surfactant leaching. Google it and see if the pics match what you are experiencing. In my experience I typically have seen this when using cetain paints that really weren't designed to be used in bathrooms. Stick with kitchen and bath enamels, most Satin or Semi-gloss paints, or you could look at the Aura Bath and Spa from BM.

Good luck!
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Reds, deep reds of any brand will not cover over red tinted primer, even if its tinted 100%. If he did it in 4 coats, he's lucky. Same thing with Yellows.
A grey tinted primer is required. The lighter the colour - the lighter the primer and vice-versa. Two coats will do the trick and bring out the true colour.
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Sherwin Williams has a few lines with true red bases. We used a deep red in ColorAccents over a light cream and it damn near covered in one coat.
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