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wad2k 05-08-2013 09:00 AM

Baseboard hot water radiators baseray
I'm in the middle of renovating two rooms that have hot water, cast iron Baseray baseboard radiators..I have already stripped the layers of old paint down to what looks like the factory original silver coloured finish. What would be the best primer and paint to use on these? I believe the manufacturer recommends latex primer with oil based topcoat.
Also, I think we plan on painting these white or an off white which will probably be the color of the baseboard that are now vanished. There is a board under the rads that the finished flooring will butt up to. This board is also vanished like the baseboard. The plan is to paint this the same color.
Is there anyone familiar with these? If so what would you recommend as far as paint primer and dose color scheme seem ok ? Up till now we were always painting the rads the same color as wall... same latex paint... never had a problem... no yellowing and not much odor... but those layers built up so I stripped them down.
thanks in advance!
removal and powder coat is not in the budget

user1007 05-08-2013 12:03 PM

White semi-gloss will discolor with heat so if it were me, I would use high heat primers and paint. It is easiest to find in rattle cans and they will probably work best for you in this instance anyhow. You can probably find quarts of liquid online or your paint store can order them.

Krylon and Rustoleum both make such paints and I think the Krylon can even has a picture of home radiator on it as I remember. I just posted pics a day or so to another thread so I now know memory is shot! I think you are likely to find only the primer, white, maybe an off white, and black (with the picture of a barbecue grill), in home type products. I don't know if they offer both gloss and matte finishes.

You will find more options and color choices at the auto parts store I should think. I suspect they will have a rainbow of high heat engine enamels and primers to pick from. Again they will probably only have rattle cans.

If these are gorgeous antiques or something, there are companies that blast and completely refinish the things. I think some of them use baked or electro finishes.

wad2k 05-11-2013 07:52 AM

Thanks for the reply. i have read about people using those paint but I also remember them complaining about odor after they are first turned on which would linger for a couple weeks. Small price to pay for a good last paint I guess.

Someone suggested DTM primer or procryl from SW to use as primer for the Rads. Anyone use these before?

I will also be painting all the baseboards the same color as the Base-rays(white or off white). The baseboards will be removed and done out in garage. They are currently varnished. I was planning on using citristrip on those but I'm welcome to any and all suggestions including paint and primer on the baseboards also? I know preparation is key to a good final result.

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