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7echo 03-28-2012 11:22 AM

aura and thinning/extending
When I painted my walls with Aura I cut and rolled. That stuff dries quick but it wasn't a problem since I wasn't overlapping too much.

Decided to try satin Aura on some cabinet doors. The stuff sets way too fast for a diy(this diy, anyway) trying to overlap in the field and get the edges painted. Not that I haven't always appreciated them anyway, but it is the kind of expiereince that reminds me why there are professional painters.

So, it says on the can do not add water. BM says to use their extender # 518. Can I use floetrol, which I have available? If so, are you all adding per floetrol recomendations or mixing it custom, or just pouring in a slash as you see fit?

user1007 03-28-2012 12:02 PM

What are you painting them with? Floetrol is mainly a surfacing agent although it will buy you a little more time. The extender mentioned slows drying but it sounds like you may be using the wrong tool for the job or are also overworking it? Is it really hot and dry in the house?

Standard tools for me and cabinets were quality 2.5-3" angled sash brush or roller. Expect to spend $15-20 retail on a good brush. I will not mention the nap roller I liked because it makes others nervous. :laughing: I did edges first, then did the flat surfaces, chasing anything trying to drip to edges as I feathered things out.

7echo 03-28-2012 12:23 PM

3" angled Purdy.

Painting them under shelter outside, 80 degrees and humid. I have been guilty of over working material in the past, but I am trying not to with this paint.

Each door is approx 30" square. Half way across the door if I go back to catch a holiday near the edge it is tacky and ruins the finish.

On the positive side, it dries so fast it doesn't take long before I can sand out the imperfections. Then I can add more...:laughing:

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