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wengang1 09-12-2011 01:17 PM

2nd coat?? partial coat??
After reading the heated discussion on the "best paint" on this forum, I settled on the expensive "real paint" from Sherwin Williams.
After a skim coat of mud (white) and two coats of high build primer from Valspar (white), I rolled on one coat of the Sherwin Williams. I forgot what it's called, comes in a brown can (Duration or sth like that), stock white.
The next day after it dried, the walls looked great and the ceiling looked pretty good too.
Now the light comes in from the window in the morning, and I see faint wedges in the center of the field on the ceiling. I guess I rolled a few lines diagonally, and it appears they may have left their mark. I thought I got a full cover when I was working.
I'm wondering if I should put on another coat for the whole ceiling (30' x 12') or maybe just paint over the affected center area (about 6' x 8'), or leave it alone.

I'm almost out of paint, but I have enough to do that small rectangle over. I've never painted before and I don't know if that will make a permanent rectangle on the ceiling.
On the other hand, I'd need another gallon or two to make sure I can cover the whole ceiling, and that's almost $100.

2nd coat for all
go over the affected area
leave it alone

chrisn 09-12-2011 04:50 PM

NO way you would need 2 gallons to do the ceiling the second coat. One should ALWAYS second coat you're painting projects Also you did not need Duration for the ceiling, way to expensive for that.

jsheridan 09-12-2011 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by chrisn (Post 726748)
NO way you would need 2 gallons to do the ceiling the second coat. One should ALWAYS second coat you're painting projects Also you did not need Duration for the ceiling, way to expensive for that.

Welcome back Wengang
Agreed. 12x30=360. Theoretical coverage is 350-400, plus you have some leftover, and the roller, hopefully you saved it, will not be sucking up unrecoverable material the second time, as it did the first. Agreed. You shouldn't depend on one coat. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen an acceptable one coat ceiling job, honestly. The only way to cheat is to cut twice, roll once, it's the perimeter that gives you away. Agreed. Duration is a bit overkill for the ceiling. The only real requirements you need in a ceiling finish are hide (coverage) and masking of imperfections (flatness), and that can be accomplished with a much budget friendlier coating. In the Sw line, that could be ProMar 200 or 400.
If you touch up only the area in question, you're likely to have a more noticeable situation, by about 6 x 8 sq ft. Ceilings can be brutal to touch up at times, and I've done full recoats to prove it. I would either leave it be or do a full recoat. And, since you mentioned rolling "diagonally" you need to read my articles on rolling, I don't think that's mentioned. It's all one way or no way, at least until you learn your capabilities with the roller and what your paint will tolerate. Keep us posted as to how you proceed Wengang and how you make out. Good Luck.

wengang1 09-13-2011 08:08 AM

Thanks, both.
I did the math and found that I was getting 250 sqft/gallon with the first coat.
I reasoned that I could cover the ceiling with about 1 and a half gallons if the usage rate is the same.
I went ahead and bought the gallon after work yesterday.
I was just dreading moving all the furniture back and forth again.

On the rolling, I was following what I've seen on websites about rollowing out a W pattern in about 3'x3' and then going over it in straight lines to even in out. I would be interested in seeing your rolling articles.

As for the paint, like I said, I got the Sherwin Williams idea from reading the long thread here about the "best paint", but I went to the store not knowing one thing from another.
I bought the Duration (matte) for the whole job. The guy said it would be flat enough not to show flaws but that it was better than the flat paints for its "washability" and other things.

wengang1 09-13-2011 08:10 AM

Oh, one other thing.
everything that I've read says to cut in the perimeter and then paint while it is still wet.
It takes me almost an hour to cut in the ceiling, and it takes me a couple of hours to paint it.
I don't see how I can do all the cut in and all the painting while it's still wet.

jsheridan 09-13-2011 11:59 AM

Good to hear your going to full coat, that's best. Don't worry about rolling and wet edges with the cut in, but do adhere to keeping wet edges in the open field areas. In the future, come here for suggestions about paint choice. He upsold you. Did you ask for a washable, or a low sheen finish? Did you tell him it was for ceilings or just general wall painting? I'm not busting you or making trouble for him, just giving you things to think about on your next trip. I'm here to educate people about painting and there's a lot more to it than just using a brush or roller. Not all, but a lot of guys in the PS are there to clerk paint, and aren't really into drilling into your needs to fit you with the best possible choice as to quality and price. Therefore, that burden's on you. If you're going to do it, know what you're doing. You can find my articles on rolling paint in the bottom link of my signature line. Take care wengang.

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