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Scuba_Dave 04-07-2009 08:28 AM

Ya gotta love (and hate) Craigslist
I've been using it for a while
A nice free advertising buy/sell site
But of course there are always problems

Scammers & Spammers - just can't get rid of them
Most ads in the Boston area are flagged off that are prohibited or spam

"Do you still have this?"
Uh, if I didn't it wouldn't be listed for sale now would it?
This question I at least understand. Many people do not delete or update their add once the item sells. But I always state when I e-mail someone, "If you still have this I would like to buy/pick it up"
Most of these people I never hear back from when I tell them I still have it
Were they expecting me to reply, "Yes I still have it, you sound like a nice person - you can have it for free" :no:

People who e-mail me from an AOL account
In most cases AOL rejects the E-mail (from 2 different e-mail accounts I tried to reply)
I now state in my ad DO NOT contact me using AOL

I have 3 brand new KillAwatt meters for sale - $22 each (my cost)
A guy E-mails me & wants all 3 for $50 & please deliver :censored:

Another favorite "Curb Alert"
"Its out for the trash, come get it before they do"
"Its going to rain, come get it before then"
"1st come 1st served, will not save" (then you see the same add over & over)
Why should someone drive all the way there in the chance it might still be there? Duh...

I include pics in my adds, I list the item & description
I recently posted 2 skylights (reason for this "rant")
I stated one was new (it is), the other used
I listed the exact size, Mfg, details. price (Firm if it is)
One is Roto-Frank (new), I just ordered flashing kits for 4 other Roto skylights & verified they are still available. I stated this in the ad & stated the flashing was not included & would need to be ordered. I also listed the name of the local lumber company so they could call & verify the flashing is available

So a guy wants them & will pick up in the AM
He's a builder or contractor, works in the trades
Arrives at my house, asks the sizes, asks if there is
Turns out he's on his way to a job & they want to install it this morning. While that is possible, the flashing would not arrive if he ordered it for 3-4 days. Then he wants to know my bottom price
Uh, I listed everything in the ad, that IS my bottom price
It was 2x that price brand new from a store
"Well it's not new now"

It is new, I think 1/2 off is a good price
One reason I didn't want to list these for sale yet is then I'd have to lug them out of the basement
Oh well, on to the next person
Hopefully the gene pool will be better this time

gma2rjc 04-07-2009 01:44 PM

I've been watching the Craig's list 'free' listings today in Grand Rapids. Someone started out offering a free Easter basket to a family who couldn't afford one for their child this year. Now there is just a bunch of arguing and people posting mean messages to each other. It's a shame though. Some are trying to do something nice for the kids and others have to ruin it.

On Sunday, I got a couple boxes of good computer stuff: modems, memory, two monitors, a couple hard drives, and a bunch of other stuff from the 'free' listings. My friends husband puts computers together for people and could use the extra parts. I didn't even have to go pick it up, it was right around the block from them.

Did you ever read the 'Best-of-Craigslist' at the bottom left side of the CL home page? Best Buy #305 is funny.

Scuba_Dave 04-22-2009 08:11 PM

I sold the skylight, price I wanted
Also sold another item today
And some people want 2 more items
Looking bettter

Despite the spammer here who will soon be gone :yes:

Leah Frances 04-22-2009 08:57 PM

who doesn't love a place where you can get free stuff, give free stuff away, find a hooker, and get killed by a budding serial killer.

Scuba_Dave 04-22-2009 09:20 PM

Leisure suit Larry
Lookin fer love in all the wrong places

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