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user1007 10-24-2009 08:06 AM

Wireless Phone Options
I thought I would mention that I just switched my wireless phone service around and ended up going with a service re-seller/re-packager. They are bringing a level of honesty and competition to it all not unlike when similar folks forced long distance rates down. My new plan uses one of the major national cell networks (the same one I was using before), requires no contract, costs $50/month for unlimited phone/text, free digital roaming, free long distance etc. There is a competitive rate for international calls and no monthly fee for being able to dial internationally. It comes with a chunk of highspeed data and you can add an unlimited data plan for $10/month.

Customer service has been fast and helpful.

The phone selections were limited but I plan to buy an unlocked phone of my choice online in the near future. Since the nearest similar name brand plan was $100/month I have the first year savings---$600---to spend on a phone.

Worth exploring what is available in your area if your wireless bills are eating you alive?

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