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Realtor here. Wow things are done a little differently up here. Not having an offer condtional upon home inspection is a rare thing, even in a multiple offer situation, or bank owned. Foreclosures are rare too for that matter as we have power of sale ( Bank has repossessed property, but different terms apply)

Anyway, I would be grateful for info from the neighbours on behalf of my Buyers. My job is too install HAPPY Buyers into a home. Not just make a buck and cut the ties. Besides if they like me they are still my Buyers and we will go to the next property showing together. I will have a sale somewhere along the line. Happy Buyers are repeat buyers as are their referrals to family and friends.

Also, I need to sleep at night.

As far as your property line goes Rusty Baker, I don't understand why any of these Buyers are not asking for a survey before purchase. Its your property and if they fail to ask where the property line is before they purchase then they are fools. They can suck it up. Good idea with the decorative fence though. Consider that their warning. Those Realtors should have disclosed to their Buyers that they knew where the property line was.

Finally, if I were a regular Buyer and a neighbour approached me AFTER a sale and said "go look what we've been saying about your house on line" I'd be furious. I'd like to know before, don't you think?


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I can understand your concern. However I would not let it bother me because most real estate agents will disclose most known problems or it will come out during a "home inspection"
If perspective buyers don't inspect, or hire it done, that is their mistake.
Many years ago, there was a property next door to me that was litterly a shack. The barn was in better shape.
I saw the perspective buyers show up alone to walk around the five acres, so I informed them as to the condition of the house.
Later the elderly gentelman stated he should have listened to me
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I think people fall in love with a house and they convince themselves that it's not that bad, "we can fix it!". Once they live in it for a while and discover all of the oddball things that are wrong, reality hits.
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All's well that ends well.

A father and his son bought the house. Among other things, they buy older houses that are cheap and need work, fix them up and sell them.

When my husband told me that, my first thought was, "Oh crud, they're going to paint a few rooms, make it look pretty and sell it".

But my assumption was way off. So far, they have replaced all of the electric (hired a licensed electrician), all of the plumbing and gutted both bathrooms and the basement. They will be replacing the furnace and water heater this month.

They've replaced some of the windows and new siding will be going on later this month.

The layers of shingles on the roof were taken off and the sheathing was repaired. Some of it was replaced. The new owners of the house were not happy with the lousy job the roofers did, so they complained to the owner of the roofing company. That guy fired the crew who did the work and had another crew tear off the new roof and redo it. It looks nice now.

They took off most of the front porch and are rebuilding it. The old steps were worn out and not very safe. He's also going to insulate the attics.

The son and his girlfriend are going to live there for a year and then it will be rented out.

With all the work and money going into it, I imagine they'll be careful to rent to people who will take good care of it.


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Go with your gut. If you have to opportunity to go and talk to the couple for a bit, I would tell them what you know. Just be friendly and honest. It's in their best interest. I would want someone to tell me obviously- we all would.
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I would just mind my own business. Most people looking to get a deal on a repo understand the condition of the house, probably more than you think. Most real estate people I know want to disclose everything. They don't want to be sued later on. And lastly, give the youngsters some credit. Some are pretty sharp. Gotta give them a chance.
Mike Hawkins


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