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brokenknee 01-24-2010 12:21 PM

What is a group/flock of Blackbirds called?
OK, a flock of geese is called a gaggle, what is a flock of Blackbirds called?

I did google this and the term murder seams to be the only answer; however I thought I have heard of another term but can not remember.

DangerMouse 01-24-2010 01:19 PM

i know it's a 'murder of crows', maybe it applies to ravens and blackbirds too?


DUDE! 01-24-2010 03:37 PM
okay,, although the above link didn't have blackbirds in its list, it makes you wonder who comes up with this stuff, I understand calling something by the wrong name doesn't make it right, all I ever hear is a "flock" of birds, reqardless of the type.

brokenknee 01-24-2010 03:58 PM

Thanks, a friend had stopped over this morning for coffee, somehow the subject came up and neither one of us knew the answer.

You do have to wonder how they come up with these names.

Tom Struble 01-24-2010 04:12 PM

maybe that was what murder meant before it was used to describe a homicide?

khaynes 08-30-2011 05:52 PM

What is a group of blackbirds called?
Blackbirds are in a different sub-family than crows and ravens. "Blackbirds" are those classified in the subfamily Icterinae, which include orioles, grackles, cowbirds and, of course, blackbirds. A group of blackbirds is most correctly called either a cloud, a cluster or a merle of blackbirds. Because they are so similar to ravens and crows, they are also called a murder, but this is not the most correct term.

gregzoll 08-30-2011 06:51 PM

A pretty messed up car.

Jackofall1 08-30-2011 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by gregzoll (Post 718215)
A pretty messed up car.

oh'mike 08-30-2011 08:27 PM

A male swan is a 'cob'--

chrisn 08-31-2011 04:34 AM

Whats wrong with flock?:huh:

oh'mike 08-31-2011 04:38 AM

Chrisn, Piple wil no u don't got gud english skills if u don ud them fansy wurds.

BigJim 08-31-2011 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by gregzoll (Post 718215)
A pretty messed up car.

I'm with Greg, I call a flock of black birds and all out mess.:eek:
Back when I was a kid, I know, I know time hadn't been invented by then, black birds flew south in such numbers it was unreal. There was a patch of woods back down in the bottoms where they would perch at night, the bird mess was actually 4 or 5 inches deep there.

One of my buddies scared them up and made one shot into them and dropped 12 birds in one shot. Now days they fly over the birds and spray them with dish washing detergent so they will freeze in the winter. There are millions of them and they do carry diseases, not to mention messing everything up.

merle 08-31-2011 03:11 PM

Being my name is Merle, which when I looked it up in a dictionary, it said that a Merle is a type of European blackbird.

rusty baker 08-31-2011 03:44 PM

I don't like those flockin' blackbirds either. :whistling2:

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