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Alto 08-10-2010 09:00 PM

Tubular skylight
Installing tubular skylight

I am doing a roofing job and was going to install two tubular skylights with the new roof. The tubular or solar skylight is the kind that provides a 10 inch portal of light that is magnified as it comes down a tube, through the attic and into a room. My joists are only 9" wide in the area I want to put the skylight and the roof joists are not symmetrical with the floor joists. So what I have to do is to cut away the joists in the area I want the lights and build a box. I plan to double the headers and footers and also the sides of the box that they will sit in. Same thing for the roof joists. Then of course cut the hole in the room ceiling, which is plaster, and the hole in the roof and assemble everything. The box on the skylights recommends two hours for the job and I assume that means if the skylights fit in the joists. But I am pretty exhausted from the roofing job. The person who is helping me do my roof is a great carpenter; I choose him just because i wanted to have someone around who could take care of any carpentry that might arise. He has offered to put in my skylights for me for $750. Can someone tell me if this is a fair price. i thought it was really a pretty simple job. How does $750 sound to you? -that will be without me helping at all, from start to finish and out the door.

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