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Tools/Supplies that are a MUST for moving?

Hey guys so I bought a house and I have a month to do the bulk of my moving.

I have only done small temp. moves before (like 30% of my stuff for school etc.) so this will be interesting...

Any tools, supplies or tips for making the move go smoother?

This is what I have so far:

Packing Tape
Bubble Wrap
Shop Towels
General Cleaner
Contractor Clean Up Bags

And come moving day....
5-6 Guys
2-3 Trucks/Vans
Lots of pizza and beer after.


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Add a dolly to that list---


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Add a hand truck in addition to a flat dolly. Empty rooms one at a time and put the stuff right into the new room it goes to. Mark the boxes for the room. Use blue painters tape to mark the furniture. Saves falling over stuff placed in the wrong room and having to handle stuff twice. Have all the loose stuff boxed and marked before moving day. Add tarps to keep stuff from blowing out of the trucks. Add ratchet straps, bungees and large pieces of cardboard to slip between pieces of furniture to prevent scuffs during the ride. Sometimes ramps are handy if you can borrow them.
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Get a quote from a moving company. One of the locally owned places, not one of the big names. I have always done the uhaul in the past, but no more.

Last year, we moved a elderly relative. Local company drove almost 2 hours up there, loaded, drove 2 hours back, dropped off stuff in 3 locations here, for only $1100. Figured renting a truck, fuel, beer and pizza, etc, would not have been far from that anyways.

We just packed up all the loose stuff in liquor boxes, and put closet stuff into wardrobe boxes. Furniture, like bedroom chests, with clothing and stuff, they moved full, didn't even have to touch stuff like that.

Well worth it. Get a quote, you may be surprised.

I am a very committed DIY-er. Some things just aren't worth it.

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You would also need:

1) furniture dolly
2) box cutter
3) gloves
4) two way radios with extra batteries ( you will need these trust me)
5) moving blankets
6) forearm forklift moving straps (good for picking up and moving awkward items like mattress, dressers, fridges here’s a link on how it works:!
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Go to home depot and get a roll or two of the brown paper , or lots of cardboard to lay down over carpets and floors, you'd be surprised how quickly hand truck wheels and boots going in and out will soil your carpets. Borrow or rend one of the appliance movers hand trucks. the wide base and strap comes in really handy for bigger appliances.

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are great, but you can also use your (clean) socks, t-shirts, towels, and boxer shorts to protect fragile items that you pack in boxes, saves on having to buy packing materials, and you have to move that stuff as well. Last time I moved i went to Costco and stocked up on those blue kitchen sponges and rolls of toilet paper, and used those in boxes to help cushion breakables, then once you unpack the boxes, you put the "packing material" in the pantry rather than the dumpster!

Moving isn't fun, but neither is having your stuff held hostage by a moving company who all of a sudden wants DOUBLE the price they quoted you once they get everything you own on their truck. I have heard too many horror stories and have one of my own from dealing with movers, so if you've got the manpower, DIY it!!
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Originally Posted by Maintenance 6 View Post
Mark the boxes for the room
I would get more specific than that. I would also suggest noting anything you are going to want right away on the outside of the box. That way you won't have to dig through six boxes of "kitchen" to find the coffee pot!

I also added "Now" or "wait" on the outside of the boxes when we moved. That way the stuff we used daily got unpacked before the out of season clothes.

Edited to add: Oh, yeah. More tape. You'll run out.

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Flathead and phillips screwdrivers, and a hammer, in case you need to disassemble any furniture or take any doors off the hinges to make them fit through.

Good luck!
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getting boxes all the same size helps with stacking them greatly. A friend at a pet-store horded some broken down fish boxes. minimal writing on the outside, heavy duty and pretty big. just about perfect for moving and stacking.

I found from boxing stuff up professionally, thin tape wide tape works the best. its easy to cut or rip and you just layer it up a bit to get it to the strength of the super heavy duty tape.

any chance you have a buddy with a pallet jack? a pallet jack and pallets could come in handy for the heavy stuff.

for electronics, I usually keep the original box for moving, because I was expecting to make a long distance move for awhile. its great. its well protected and you know exactly what is in there. now that I did it, those boxes are getting pitched.

More for a long distance move (sounds like you are planning a local move, but for anyone else who might read it); I purchased a large enclosed trailer and picked it up from a dealer right next to the factory on Elkhart IN, so it was pretty cheap too. I originally planned to get a 14' x 7' but it kept on being well; "If I don't have to rent a car dolly I can put that towards the purchase" and "for just a couple more $ its this much bigger." I ended up with an enclosed double ramp snowmobile/auto trailer 35' long and 8 1/2' wide. I never packed it solid floor to ceiling because it was only a 10,000 lb rated trailer (although It was probably 15k that last trip with the tool chests and shelves of bolts), but having all that space sure was nice. I was able to pack at my leisure, make relatively few trips (10 hrs each way adds up if you can cut out even 1 trip), including extra vehicles and "toys" and use the trailer for storage once I did my last trip. Now, a couple of years later, the trailer is still worth more than I paid (under $8k) for it because I got a good deal and didn't have to pay shipping, and best of all, because it was custom ordered, its not white (black or red) and I added in the features that weren't over priced.

don't forget to offer your helpers some stuff you run across that you won't use or don't want to move to the new place. It makes your life easier and makes them happier to help out.
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On moving day morning give the lady of the house a large handful of tissue for her purse. Also keep a couple rolls of T.P. where you can find them in a hurry if needed.


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