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fetzer85 04-04-2010 12:23 AM

Speeding ticket question
My wife got a speeding ticket while traveling east bound on Rt 22 in Harrison county, OH. The speed limit on this highway is 55mph in some areas and 65mph in others. She swears she was in a 65mph zone with her cruise control set at 65mph on the nose. An officer traveling west bound apparently clocked her going 69mph, made a U-turn and pulled her over. She said he was very abrupt, said he clocked her going 70mph and then 69mph so he's going to write her a ticket. She thought he was an A-hole for writing her a ticket for going 4mph over, and also she had her cruise set at 65mph, but that's another topic. Not until she got home and looked at the ticket did she realize he wrote her up as going 69mph in a 55mph zone. She was really ticked off then because she knew for sure she wasn't yet in the 55mph zone but still in the 65mph zone. I was hoping the officer would have written down exactly where he gave her the ticket but he didn't, he simply wrote that is was on US 22 EB, no details on the exact location.

My question is should the officer have written down exactly - or at least some detail - on the location she was pulled over? All we have to go off of is that she was pulled over on Rt 22 in Harrison county, which has spots of both 55 & 65mph. If we can't prove where she was pulled over I'm afraid we don't have much of a case for argument. Any thoughts?

fireguy 04-04-2010 01:27 AM

Most speedometers are 3 to 4 miles fast. If the cruise was set for 65 MPH, actual speed was 61 to 62 MPH, still over 55.

If the cop did not write a Mile Post, his case is compromised. Show up, he probably won't. The case may be dismissed. If he does show up, it is his word against hers.

brokenknee 04-04-2010 05:08 AM

I have to disagree with the fireguy. My GPS and my speedometer read exactly the same. Unless you have done some modifications to your vehicle (usually tire size) your speedometer should be pretty reliable.

Check to see what the brackets are for speeding in your state. If the Officer gave her a fine schedule it should have it on there. If he tagged her for going 69mph even if the posted speed was 65mph it is still considered speeding. If you state brackets 0-10 11-15 etc. you could try calling the court house before your court date and try to convince them that you where in a 65mph zone. They MIGHT drop the fine into that bracket. Before you do, you should go back and look exactly where she got pulled over and where the Officer would have clocked her at that speed. Remember it takes some time for the Officer to get turned and then ketch up to the vehicle.

As far as the Officer showing up in court, he will.

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