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gma2rjc 11-15-2011 11:19 PM

Spam email
I got this email today and as careful as I am about spam and scammers, I half-way thought it might be real. Since it asked for my email addy and password, I was suspicious. So I called AT&T, who I have my internet through, and the lady there told me it's spam with a virus in it.

Dear Sbcglobal Subscriber,

Virus Notification

A DGTFX Virus has been detected in your sbcg* folders. Your email account has to be upgraded to our new Secured DGTFX anti-virus 2011 version to prevent damages to our web mail log and to your important files. Click your reply tab, Fill the columns below and send back to us or your email account will be terminated to avoid spread of the virus.

User name:
Reconfirm Password:

Note that your password will be encrypted with 1024-bit RSA keys for your password safety.

All sb* User Should Reply Now !!!
Failure to do this will immediately render your Web-email address deactivated from our database.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Warning Code :ID67565434
Sbcglobal Account Support.
Copyright 2011

Now that I read it again, I see that it says, "All sbc** User Should Reply Now !!!" The word 'User' should have been plural and there shouldn't be a space between the word 'Now' and the exclamation points. These are common mistakes that non-American spammers make. If I had caught that right away I wouldn't have bothered calling AT&T.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know about this in case you or someone in your family gets this email too.

I also got an email today from my brother-in-law and opened it. I can't recall what the subject was, but it didn't seem like an email he would send, so I didn't click on the link inside. Later, I got another email from him - which really was from him - telling me to disregard the previous email because someone had hacked his computer and sent the bad email to everyone on his contact list.

Also, my daughter told me that someone is getting into people's Facebook accounts and depositing po*nographic pictures and videos. So if your kids have a Facebook acct., you might want to check it each time they're on it to make sure this cr*p isn't there for them to see.


creeper 11-16-2011 05:02 AM

Anytime anyone phones or emails you and asks for account #s or passwords be suspicious, no matter how official they sound. Remember major companies that you deal with already have your info and reputable companies would'nt ever ask for passwords. Ever.

I get regular calls from people claiming to be with microsoft. They insist I have a virus and they need to clean it up. Sometimes I ask them how they would like it if someone tried to hack or rip off their Granny. A shrill whistle works too if you have one handy.

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