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SONY Market Responsive

Some of you know my views on smartphones---or phones in general. Since I have been known to run phones through washing machine cycles I do not spend $400 on them. I even dropped one in a five gallon bucket of paint once. The paint dried and it worked but nieces an nephews, for whom I got whatever they wanted in terms of phones, would not let me walk around with such a horrid looking thing. The irony is I am extremely careful with things but stuff happens I guess.

And I have to tell you, this Kyocera Event which I paid $70 for but you can get for $60 is incredible. I crammed the largest memory card I could get into it and bought it a fingerprint and scratch resistant screen cover and a fitted silicone case bringing the total cost up to $110 or something. No contract service but unlimited everything but talk minutes. Sprint reseller so same network I have been one for decades now. Good to go and it works more or less flawlessly. I can fit it in a polo shirt pocket too! Nice clear, sharp screen. Android version whatever. Loaded Clean Master and get rid of old files and background programs when I turn it on. I even makes and receives phone calls!

Anyhow, I recently read a review of the top smartphones. The one that caught my eye was the new Sony Experia which, apparently, can be drowned for up to 30 minutes underwater and not even hiccup when you pull it out. That is pretty cool. The review mentioned no other distinguished features but if it looks cool and comes in colors? I might spend $200 on a phone next time.

True story. The former chairman of Sony was playing tennis once and wondered what it would be like to have stereo sound on his head. He asked via market research as best the survey could design it in the time. Nobody really got the questions I suspect. I mean come on, the idea of walking around with stereo sound blazing in your ears is stupid right? Anyhow, all market research came back and suggested that the idea of what became the Walkman was absurd to blazingly crazy.

So say I are phones that could stand being dropped in paint and water. I personally need no more features than that though.

Appleheads will be lining up again for the latest iPhone in a month or so. I just do not get the fascination with overpriced technology. Every single designer that made me buy them an Apple machine in the past no longer puts up with the nonsense.

Anyhow, I loved the Samsung commercials the last time and they will have to be scathing this time given recent events. Truly ironic to me in all this is Jobs thought nothing of stealing intellectual property and some say he taught a generation or two to do the same. I personally hope Apple gets hung out to dry and it probably will, at least with international patent and other intellectual property missteps.

I do so enjoy the Apple vs Samsung battles. But my pappy always taught me it is hard to box with a man (or woman) while they are holding you by the you know whats even if you think you can right hook the jaw. Samsung supplies Apple with chips and there is yet no alternative for them. Suggesting one division of Samsung is independent of all others? Samsung, if it were mean, could simply price Apple completely out of the market at this point.


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