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Originally Posted by hyunelan2 View Post
We lost 5 more people to layoffs today. Some union, some non-union. I have a friend high-up in the finance department who has shared some information. The salaried employees are all taking a 2% pay cut (about the equivalent of a one-week's pay). Union contract negotiations are underway currently. They asked the union for the same concession and the reply was "we'd rather have layoffs than any reduction in pay."

I think that's horrible. I'm sure those who are getting cut feel their union dues were well worth it, since the union threw them under the bus to save their co-workers paycheck. With people being laid off left and right here, they can clearly see it wasn't some managment negotiating tactic. The fact is, the city is broke, we need to pay less: that is either less to each person or less people.

I am in the very small portion that is not union, but not salary. I'm an hourly worker without union representation. There are only about 4-5 of us in that situation.
That's just the way it goes. Unions are more willing to do whatever it takes to protect the more experienced workers, even if it comes at the expense of the less experienced. Seniority rules.

My company/union, like many others these days, now has a tier system, which in a nutshell means nothing changes for the senior employees while the new hires get the shaft. The newer guys, even if they stay with the company 30 years, will never get the same pay, vacation time, or benefits as the higher tier people.

In a way, it does make some sense. Newer, younger hires have less to lose and it would theoretically be easier for them to transition to another job. And lets face it, those men and women who have been with a company for decades and/or are near retirement aren't really going to be willing to make sacrifices on behalf of the new guys.

With that said, I totally agree - "throwing them under the bus" describes it perfectly. It isn't fair, but cuts and concessions always seem to start at the bottom.


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Originally Posted by bernieb View Post
I agree Spaceman with everything you said, and its just the beginning of the general public fighting back about wages,healthcare, jobs and retirement. I may not live to see the day when your wage is determend by the boss, not some mobster in NewYork.
i agree about the mobsters
hear is the deal a teacher knows thier salary going into
if you dont want to do the job for the pay go get another job
walking out and expecting to be welcome back with open arms doesnt work in the real world
the unions use the same tatics as the mob they just dont kill
they ruined almost all our car makers
manufacturing what exactley do we make any more
now they have over run our governmant and our educators
if you tell a lie long enough people begin to belive it
and we have been lied to for well over 100 years
remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions
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Just my 2 cents

Unions still serve a purpose in a few places. I live in an area with one major industry and 2-3 companies posing as 15-20 who do the hiring. One of those companies are union and they keep all our wages are high. The other employers have to keep their wages close to the union level to get the best workers. I would hate to think what would happen if those guys lost union rep.
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I was in a union years ago. We went on strike one time for 3 weeks. I voted against it. We got a 50 cent raise. It took the 3 years of the contract at the 50 cent raise to get back the wages we lost while we were on strike.


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