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satchmo 05-07-2007 02:14 PM

Selling on ebay
Our escrow finally closed, and we got the keys last week.

However, the first item on our list of to-dos is to sell the hot tub we don't plan on using.

We decided that we should put the hot tub on ebay.

However, I have never sold anything on ebay before, so I have no experience on listing items. Does it look reasonable to you guys?

joeyboy 05-17-2007 08:32 PM

A year ago I was still in college (maybe 2 yrs?) and I ran a small company (2 man company) where we sold stuff on ebay, keeping 1/3 of whatever it sold for.

I got decent at it, so let me give you my 2 cents.

A hot tub............................................... .......... well, i see that you actually already sold it on ebay, so I'm not gonna finish my post lol!

Good luck @ ur new house!

moneymgmt 05-18-2007 11:26 AM

For future reference, is a sort of "local" eBay that I use a ton here in Detroit. It segments by city and is becoming extremely popular.

joeyboy 05-19-2007 09:56 AM

That's actually something I was gonna touch on for such a large item like a hot tub, til i realized it already sold on ebay

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