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Originally Posted by anthony matano View Post
who buys black walnut. i have some. anthony
As others have mentioned you need acres of it before it would be profitable for someone to come out and get it. If by "some" you mean one or two trees, unfortunately you are probably better of just burning it or selling it to a neighbor for firewood.

For others reading this thread, your state department of conservation is a good start for information. Call them and ask about reputable companies.

FWIW, this is an old thread.


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Firewood is only $110 a cord here, but there is a lot of competition, that is probably why it is cheap. I have seen it at $60 a cord at auction.
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I don't have room for the trees but I'll take the walnuts off your hands.
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Originally Posted by jam1solutions View Post
anthony we buy walnut trees in michigan, visit
we buy 1 tree to 100s of trees. Sometimes just one very large tree can be worth a lot of money.
Where were you in June when I paid a guy $750 to cut down 2 walnut trees in my yard?

Red Squirrel, we had VERY FEW walnuts from our trees this year (the 2 that are left standing). I'm not complaining though.
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sell black walnut trees

Originally Posted by gma2rjc View Post
I have 4 black walnut trees in my backyard. About 10 years ago I called several local saw mills that buy trees. All of them said they weren't interested in buying just 4 trees. One said if I had 50 or more, they might be interested. Another one told me they'd buy them if I cut them down and bring them to their mill.

I heard on the news that the manufacturing and sales of guns has gone up 59% since the election. Gun manufacturer's use Black Walnut wood to make gunstocks, so it seems like the trees would be in high demand.

Out of curiosity, I called The Great American Gunstock Company and their rep told me that if you contact your State Forestry Department, they might be able to give you a list of companies or people who buy trees. The number of the company I called is: (530) 671-4570. I got the impression that company buys B.W. trees because he asked where the trees are located. I don't know what state you live in, but you might want to google 'gunstock manufacturer's' or something similar to see if you live close enough to one of those companies.
Did you ever sell your trees? I have 5 black walnut trees that I want to sell and I also live in Michigan. I will take your advice and try State Forestry Dept.
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where are you located johnhair? (not exact, county should be close enough)
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After twenty-five years of cutting, splitting, drying and burning firewood,(not to mention all the stackin' and totin' 'fore I was big enough to saw or split) I am so thankful that those big ugly lizard critters died and left their mortal remains to our friends, the oil companies. Kind of wish more of them had died here, than in east Iraqistan, but oh well. I even grill with gas...a mortal sin in the south, but I hope to never have to split another chunk of wood...'cept on my table saw, just sayin'...

One of these hammers will fix it.
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Plenty of lizard critters died in Alaskistan and Gulf of Mexicostan, but high priest NObama has declared that thou shalt not disturb the remains of our herpetological ancestors... unless you're a Brazilian oil company.
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Timber companies buy timber


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