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Jim F 03-08-2010 07:54 PM

Rotted floor joists and wall edge
In the process of cutting out the old floor in my bathroom I discovered severely rotted floor joists. (Wish I had pictures). This is not a surprise. Some years ago, shortly after moving into my house I noticed steam coming up from the bathroom floor from the dryer vent pipe that ran underneath the subfloor through a bay to the outside. It was discovered that two bays and the three adjacent joists and the outer wall were involved (sill plate, sheathing). It was cobbed together once by a well-meaning relative and some replacement subflooring but this did not last. I have considered sistering some joists myself and may yet if it's going to be too much. I am having a couple of estimates from professionals mostly due to the sagging of the bad joists and the need to relevel them. I am installing a new subfloor, tub and other fixtures and really need a strong and level floor for the tub which is going to be a Kohler cast iron. How involved of a job is this going to be for a professional? Should I prepare for sticker shock?

Scuba_Dave 03-08-2010 07:59 PM

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Could be a big job...any pics ?

Jim F 03-09-2010 09:37 AM

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Here are some pics. The guy that came this AM told me that there are 5 joists that need to be sistered and I have another contractor coming tomorrow PM. It's pretty straightforward and I want to get it done so I think two estimates are adaquate. Both contractors are BBB A+ rated. The guy this AM talked to me about a radiant floor heating system but probably not. I asked him to write it up both ways. The problem started with the dryer vent which was partially flattened down to accommodate the water supply pipes and no duct tape on the vent joints. I also found some 24 IOC studs in the outer wall, don't know if this is up to code.

Also included other pictures from the project. I've taken up most of the floor, the lower 4 ft of drywall due to moisture damage from the floor and the old shower and adjacent closet to create a bathtub alcove. The shower drain failed years ago due to movement in the shower base. I was unable to tighten the large brass nut underneath the drain due it being corroded.

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