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SWC11 03-17-2010 07:41 PM

Roofing contract question.
Hello everyone. I'm Mike from SW Ohio and I'm in the market for a new roof. I've recieved 4 quotes and three of those quotes were right about the same. They were in the 7,000 range.

One company want to use Atlas Storm Master LM shingles and their price is $6,900. The other company wants to use 30yr O.C Oakridge shingles and their price is $6,800.

I have a quote from another company and a contract (not signed) for 30yr GAF ELK shingles Natural Shadow shingles for $5,170. Now all three companies have at least an A rating from BBB.

My question is is the contract for 5,170 to good to be true? Here is the break down of the contract.

Tear off 1 layer and haul away (there is just one layer)

they have n/a next to replace or repair decking. The house is 13 years old.

Felt 15#

line vally w profile

recover pitched roof with 30yr/GAF

N/A for recover low roof. I have a porch and was wondering if they are saying they're not gonna recover it? It sounds absurd but I'm gonna have to ask them and see.

Metal edging 2x2

Roof Vents Turtle vents

Clean up, mag roll and dispose of all debris

Upgrade to continous Ridge Vents

Ice and water shield on gutter lines and in vallys.

Thats the contract that I have in hand. So far they seem like a good company. They get an A+ rating but the local branch has only been around a year. The guy said his quote was lower cause of winter. He said he really don't like to go that low.

He gave me a list of houses they have done to look at the colors I wanted to see.

They messured the house at

1,938.43 Surface Area 19.38 Squares

314.24 Total Perimiter Length 60.68 Total Ridge Length

4.84 Total Hip Length

Does this math add up to you guys?

My second choice is the Atlas Storm Master LM. I'm in a area that does take some wind.

Thanks everyone in advance for your time.

SWC11 03-17-2010 07:59 PM

Says the thread was moved?

Scuba_Dave 03-17-2010 08:02 PM

Yes, this site is for DIY, not cost comparisons
Jobs vary by the house
Get multiple estimates & check references

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