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Renting a classic car to drive you? (i don't wanna drive it myself)

My brother-in-law is getting married in September and his future wife really really wants to be driven from the church to the reception in some sort of classic car. Not a limo, just a classic car with a big backseat where the two of them can sit comfortably.

It doesn't have to be a certain kind of car - could be anything really: Rolls Royce, Cadillac or a Lincoln - doesn't matter.

Does anyone know a place to contact for something like this? Might there even be private people who do this for fun with their own cars?

They don't want to drive the car themselves, just for someone to pick them up at the church where they would pose for a few pics and then drive them to the reception - probably an hour or so.

Just in case .... this is in CT. The reception will take place in East Haddam. The church is about 20 minutes from there.

Any ideas?


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Pete, you could try the Fraternal Clubs,, Elks,Falcons, Moose, if you are not a member maybe you know someone who could post a note concerning it. Being the season, usually someone is having a cruise night. They usually have an antique car day at Pat Kidney field, not sure if they did already. And be sure to have a back-up plan, Not many of them will take their "baby" out if its raining. Hopefully someone will offer for free, they get to show off their car and they get to help the newly weds.. good luck


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When I went to Halifax for a company award, they had this "limo" service that was sorta like a glorified taxi service, they would wait for you at a certain location with a nice car and drive and drop you off. Was a SUV, can't recall, think a mercedies or BMW or something, it was an expensive one that I know.

Maybe look for a similar company in your area, would probably be either under limo or taxi service. I believe the price was actually similar to a taxi too, but they could do bookings and what not so they were more flexible. The poor guy even wore a suit, it was like +30 out lol.
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Check the classic car clubs in the areas.

As long as you not want to drive and will not be allowed to, there might be members that would provide a vehicle at a reasonable cost and you supply some good "wedding quality" enlargements of the classic in use that only adds a couple of photos to the cost.

If it is a real classic, weather will be factor because the cleaning cost is much more than they would charge. There are some classic car owners that would jump IF you can make arrangements in time since there are many shows in September.

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I'll second Dick's suggestion. As a member of a club in my area (central NJ), we get occasional inquiries such as yours and a member usually steps up. I've done it myself a couple of times for folks I've known. As also previously stated, weather will very likely be an issue so make sure you have an alternate lined up in case it's raining. Also be aware that while nearly all are very well maintained, classics are seldom as reliable as today's cars so you do run the risk of a mechanical no show in addition to weather issues.

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