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akphs 04-26-2010 09:48 PM

Reasonable cost to replace mailbox and light post?
We're having a bunch of work done on the house (roof/siding/doors), and as part of it,want to replace the mailbox, mailbox post, and the light post in the garden. We've acquired the new posts, mailbox, and light.

The sub who's going to be out here to do touchup work for the main contractor is willing to do the posts, but wants what seems like an excessive amount to do so. I'll post the amount, but first wanted to not lead the witnesses, so to speak, and ask: what seems like a reasonable price? Both the mailbox and the light post are presumably set in concrete, so there is a bunch of digging to be done. But presumably the wiring isn't tricky for the light post, and the mailbox is just a mailbox and post.

Anyone have a feeling for what's reasonable? This is in the DC area, so major metro pricing applies.


Scuba_Dave 04-26-2010 09:55 PM

Moved to Off topic since this is not a DIY topic
This site is geared towards DIY, not Contractor pricing
Get local estimates & check references
Prices vary by location & specifics of the job
Thank you

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