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Doc Holliday 06-07-2012 07:28 AM

Over here.
I just said I was done with that thread and for fear of possibly hurting someone elses feelings as yet another thread may be derailled, let's start speaking (quietly) over here.

Wasn't the brightest idea to ask in a thread I just said I was done with to ask me a question. It could be considered idiotic, just saying... :eek:

I was referring to the many members that mods have to deal with as idiots. Myself, as a member of a few dozen forums over the past decade from Ironman and cycling to trucks, electrical and hvac, have also come to know that a certain few moderators are not as ready to handle the task at hand, would even go so far and have to call them out on their actions, knowingly paying the price as they have that immature attitude and "the button", and yet never look back.

I can admit when I've done wrong, knew I could've held my breath last night after the first post. Also knew that oh'mike would be the friendly voice of reason this morning. I welcome that.

I have yet to regret calling anyone out, moderator or member, on any other forum. I have a feeling I would here as I am quite fond of this site. These days I now find it easy to ignore most idiocy, whomever it may be in which it comes from. My only regret is I can't seem to ignore my own. :)

With that I now humbly bow out. Thanks.

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