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brooklynsual 12-04-2008 06:53 AM

Oakland/East Bay weather vs. Seattle
Today's weather in Seattle is amazing! Can anyone currently living in Seattle give me an idea as to how often these type days (few or no clouds, nice blue sky, moderate temps), occur in the East Bay part of the San Francisco metro area?

I am considering a move to that area because of a job opportunity in San Francisco. My other half and I have come to the conclusion that we are most likely to own a home in that area if it is in the Berkeley or Oakland area (generally). Without turning this discussion into one of real estate, and realizing that where I may be working in San Francisco has a sort of unique weather situation of its own, what is East Bay weather like? Are there more clear days throughout the year as compared to Seattle? How are the temps, pretty moderate like Seattle from what I can see? Are there weeks of seemingly unbreakable clouds like there are here in the winter (lately spring, summer and fall too).

I don't need this type of weather everyday, heck, I grew up in New Jersey with cold and depressing winters. I do miss the fact that even in New Jersey during the winter there were days with some sun. I'm hoping the East Bay area may give me some of that back. I have had difficulty adjusting to the cloudy Seattle weather, even after four years of being here.

One last unrelated question, how green and lush is the East Bay area? I'm into landscaping, nice gardens and lush greenery. Am I going to be giving this up? It's been a few years since I've visited and I can't remember too well.


steve1234 12-04-2008 04:35 PM

Not sure if the origin of the article was Portland or Seatle, but I read that last month 342 people fell off their bike......and drowned.

I have not live in the pac NW, but know people that have. I'm not sure you can draw a weather comparison at all. I'm a native of the bay area, so there is a bias. I've traveled around a little and I've never seen weather as good as it is here. Abundant sunshine, and no weeks on end of the gray blanket of gloom that can hang over seatle.

However, there are many micro climates in the bay area. In the summer the temp can change 40+ degrees in a 45 minute car ride (with traffic)..downtown SF to the south bay area. East bay (close to the bay):moderate temp due to the influence from the bay. Can be foggy when it pushes way in, also can be windy. Temperature goes up the farther you move east away from the bay. Average temp is higher in Walnut Creek.

Lush green..??? The west side of the bay has more of a costal influence and those hills are greener.....Pine trees, redwood trees. The east bay side is drier so the vegitation is different, more of an "oak" look.

Mort 12-06-2008 10:01 PM

Something smells fishy...

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