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john curry 06-13-2010 07:22 PM

New Home Upgrades
I will be purchasing a new home (small planned development) and the builder has let it be known that the base price is fixed and not negotiable yet at the same time they openly say they will deal on the options.

As an example. A screen porch sitting on a 10x12 concete pad. If no porch the pad is a concrete patio and included in the base cost. Porch will match, play off the roof line, screened on 3 sides, wired for light and fan, but no fan, and an exterior door. Vinyl clad frame work, meaning not raw wood.

While I realize asking for prices is frowned on out here and this may get deleted, so be it. Before I ask, I am the type that believes in a fair wage for fair work but I know what things cost. OK. The builder wants $6,000.00 for the screened porch as descibed. I am considering offering $2,500.00.
If not deleted, comments.


nap 06-13-2010 09:44 PM

it's not just that asking about prices is frowned upon, without seeing exactly what is being worked on and knowing where in the country, state, and even county can make a difference on pricing. What that means is any price somebody might give you is not going to have any accuracy due to the unknowns.

a few examples just in your situation alone:

are there windows? If so, how many? how big? what kind? what brand?

how are the walls constructed? Is there any inside finish or is it stud walls?

Is the roof a flat roof that is simply a continuation of the roof it adjoins or are there trusses with at peak perpendicular to the adjoining roof.

and that is just a few of the variables that would make great differences in cost.

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